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a boy and the girl true story

2011-11-07 07:51:51 by micomodesto002

girl:can you come with me ??
boy:yap i can what time ??
girl:um 3 PM ???
boy:im sorry but i have some thing important to do in that time
girl:um 10 AM ??? in the morning ??? can you come and meet me
boy:(wispered) ok because your important to me

meanwhile:11:00 AM

boy:(text thing) im in our meeting spot where are you???
girl:(text thing) im sorry if i wake up so late
boy:(text thing) no its ok i will w8 you till 2:00 pm
girl:ok just w8 me ok
boy: (wispered) no its ok your my first priority

meanwhile:1:40 pm

boy: (thingking) i only want to serve you i only want to protect you thats y im waiting 4 you to come in here
girl:(text thing) im sorry if i dont get on time because im stuck with the traffic
boy:no its ok ^_^ but if the clock goes to 2:00 dont go to our meeting spot because im going to take a test ok ???
girl:ok but what time your test will end
boy:its 7:00pm ??
girl: ok go to our meeting spot in that time
boy: ok ill w8 you in our meeting spot (sadwispered):if idont love you i will not show up to you and im just caring because i love you i need you and i want to protect you........

a boy and the girl true story


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2011-11-07 09:00:11

You were trying WAAAAY too hard.
"I love you and I will serve you and I only want to protect you."?
You sound like you want to worship her as a goddess.

micomodesto002 responds:

bwhahahah not realy but its my job to give love and take pain and misery


2011-11-12 15:43:00

You make me feel sad 'cause I have no girl to love :'<

micomodesto002 responds:

as a man i can help you with that ty to show your true feelings to that girl and surely you can tame her heart but first get her num# then make a conversation to her and boom you tame her


2011-11-24 13:19:51

The question is... how to find a girl which won't abuse me? seriously I'm always in bad luck about that... and I really lol'd at the "but first get her num#" XD thanks for writting back ^^

micomodesto002 responds:

i will advice you just look the girl in the eyes and give her a tiger look and then BOOM!!!!! you have her heart and just give her a little sweet talk :)